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Safety Tips for Take Your Kids to Work Day


Take Your Kids to Work Day is on April 24. Before you bring your child into your workplace, consider a few safety precautions.

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Quiz: Which Home Improvement Projects Give You the Most Bang for Your Buck?

Home improvement

Spring is a popular time to plan home improvement projects. Before you commit, take our quiz to learn which ones offer the best value for your money.

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Little League Celebrates 75 Years of Community, Sportsmanship and Memories

little league

Little League is celebrating its 75th year. How much do you know about the history of this popular and enduring youth sports organization?

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ERIE Agent Goes to Bat for Underprivileged Little League Players


Erie Insurance Agent Brian McCollum started Mitts for Kids to give every child the opportunity to play ball.

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(Bitter) Sweet 16 Series: One Mom’s Drive to Survive, Part II


A series following one mom (and one overzealous teen) through the dreaded learning-to-drive process.

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  • How to Handle Hydroplaning

    Spring showers can make for some pretty dangerous road conditions. In this series, you’ll get tried-and-true tips for driving in heavy rain and avoiding hydroplaning.
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  • Can Smartphones Reduce Distracted Driving?

    Despite the warnings, some drivers continue to use phones while driving. That got us thinking – are there smartphone apps that could reduce distracted driving?
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  • How to Help Your Car, Home and Yard Recover from Winter

    Spring–it’s finally here. If winter did a number on your car, home or yard, the following tips will help them recover from an exceptionally rough winter.
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