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Making Sense of Left Lane Driving

left lane driving

Many states have rules governing who should drive in the left lane. Find out what they are and what’s on the books in your state.

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From Rotary Phones to Drones: 90 Years of Innovative Insurance from ERIE

Erie Insurance

ERIE has paved the way as an innovator in the insurance world with industry-leading products that respond to customer needs. How, you ask? Check out this infographic.

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How to Price Yard Sale Items

price yard sale items

Need some guidance on how to price things for your yard sale? Then check out these eight tips.

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Video: Yard Sale Safety Tips

yard sale safety tips

Yard sales are a great way to declutter and make some extra cash. Help ensure yours goes off without a hitch by keeping a few tips in mind.

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Connected Car Technology Takes a Leap Forward

connected car technology

We live in a constantly connected world–and our cars are no different. Do you know which new technology to expect in your next car?

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  • ERIE's Impact on the Local Community: 90 Years in the Making

    ERIE’s 90th anniversary recently earned extensive coverage in the Erie Times-News. The coverage offers a look at the impact the company has on the Erie community, as well as a glimpse into the company’s history and continuing legacy.
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  • Lizzie Post’s Driving Etiquette Tips

    One of America’s foremost etiquette experts weighs in on when it’s okay to honk and much more.
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  • Slideshow: ERIE Debuts New Technical Learning Center

    Learn how this new addition will help ERIE Agents and Employees continue to deliver the service for which ERIE is known.
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