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Cities Experiment with a New Way to Report Potholes

report pothole

After winter comes spring–and potholes. Is your city among the ones experimenting with new ways to report and monitor pothole repair progress?

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You Did WHAT Behind the Wheel? People Admit to Odd Behavior in New Distracted Driving Survey

ERIE's distracted driving research revealed some pretty interesting things.

Many Americans are driving distracted–and they’re doing some pretty crazy stuff behind the wheel. Learn what ERIE found out from a recent distracted driving survey.

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Infographic: Eyes on the Road, Hands on the Wheel


ERIE recently surveyed hundreds of drivers about their distracted driving behaviors. Learn which ones were the most common–and the most unbelievable.

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How to Keep Your TV From Falling Over

Learn how to keep your TV from falling over.

Did you know that falling TVs pose a major danger? That’s especially true when it comes to kids. Learn trusty tips on how to keep your TV from tipping.

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How to Insure a Home Being Constructed

It's important to think about how to insure a home being constructed.

Planning on building your dream home? If so, you have more to think about than the average homebuyer–including how to insure a home that’s under construction. Here’s how to get the right coverage.

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  • Lizzie Post’s Driving Etiquette Tips

    One of America’s foremost etiquette experts weighs in on when it’s okay to honk and much more.
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  • 12 Tips for Driving in a Whiteout

    It’s scary driving in a blizzard. If you find yourself in whiteout conditions, follow this advice to stay safe.
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  • Slideshow: ERIE Debuts New Technical Learning Center

    Learn how this new addition will help ERIE Agents and Employees continue to deliver the service for which ERIE is known.
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