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Car Thefts with Keys Left Inside on the Rise

car thefts with keys left inside

Many car thefts never need to happen.

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What’s Your Fear Factor?

risk perception gap

Many of the things we fear have only a small chance of actually happening. Yet some real threats don’t even register. An ERIE actuary offers some insight into this phenomenon.

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Car Shopping Tips from a Former Car Salesman

car buying tips

A former car salesman spills the beans on how to get a good deal.

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Obvious — and Not So Obvious — Kentucky Attractions

Kentucky attractions

Thinking of visiting the Bluegrass state? If so, consider checking out some of the cool attractions that fly under the radar.

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Infographic: Life Insurance More Affordable Than Most People Think

affordable life insurance

Good news: Life insurance probably costs a lot less than you imagine.

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  • 10 Sparkler Safety Tips

    Crack! Pop! Sparklers are a mainstay of Fourth of July celebrations. Learn the right way to enjoy them in this post.
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  • ERIE's Impact on the Local Community: 90 Years in the Making

    ERIE’s 90th anniversary recently earned extensive coverage in the Erie Times-News. The coverage offers a look at the impact the company has on the Erie community, as well as a glimpse into the company’s history and continuing legacy.
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  • Lizzie Post’s Driving Etiquette Tips

    One of America’s foremost etiquette experts weighs in on when it’s okay to honk and much more.
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