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New Heritage Center Opens the Door to ERIE’s Past


The recently completed Erie Insurance Heritage Center celebrates the key people and events in the company’s 90-year history.

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The Best States for Female Business Owners

best states for female business owners

Is your state tops when it comes to promoting women-owned business?

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The Wit and Wisdom of ERIE’s Founder


Whether it was about running a successful company or living a successful life, ERIE’s founder had a way with words. See which of his quotes continue to ring true today.

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What You Need to Know About Condos and Condo Insurance

condo intro-493502509

Condos are more popular than ever. Is one right for you? Learn more about what living in a condo is like–and how to protect your home.

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811: The Number to Call Before Digging

Do you know the number to call before digging?

Get the 411 on why you need to call 811 before you start a digging project.

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  • 10 Sparkler Safety Tips

    Crack! Pop! Sparklers are a mainstay of Fourth of July celebrations. Learn the right way to enjoy them in this post.
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  • ERIE's Impact on the Local Community: 90 Years in the Making

    ERIE’s 90th anniversary recently earned extensive coverage in the Erie Times-News. The coverage offers a look at the impact the company has on the Erie community, as well as a glimpse into the company’s history and continuing legacy.
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  • Lizzie Post’s Driving Etiquette Tips

    One of America’s foremost etiquette experts weighs in on when it’s okay to honk and much more.
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