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10 Sparkler Safety Tips


Crack! Pop! Sparklers are a mainstay of Fourth of July celebrations. Learn the right way to enjoy them in this post.

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What’s Your Fear Factor?

risk perception gap

Many of the things we fear have only a small chance of actually happening. Yet some real threats don’t even register. An ERIE actuary offers some insight into this phenomenon.

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What You Need to Know About Condos and Condo Insurance

condo intro-493502509

Condos are more popular than ever. Is one right for you? Learn more about what living in a condo is like–and how to protect your home.

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811: The Number to Call Before Digging

Do you know the number to call before digging?

Get the 411 on why you need to call 811 before you start a digging project.

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ERIE + Drones = Better Insurance Experience?


Erie Insurance is at the forefront of exploring ways in which drones can deliver better service.

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