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Video: How to Avoid Dog Bites

avoid dog bites

It’s National Dog Bite Prevention Week. Do you know how to be a responsible dog owner and how to avoid dog bites?

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New Consumer Trends in Homes, Cars and More

new consumer trends

Is small replacing big—and sharing replacing owning? Learn more about America’s new consumer trends.

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10 Overlooked Home Projects

overlooked home projects

Homes require a lot of work, and some projects might not be on your radar. Learn how to tackle the most overlooked home projects.

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Cell Phones that Detect Earthquakes?

cell phones that detect earthquakes

The tragic events in Nepal showcased how destructive earthquakes can be. Experts are still working on ways to give early detection to people in affected areas. Today, one of the most promising possibilities could be your phone.

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Busting the Biggest Claims Myths

Learn about claims myths.

Learn how to separate fact from fiction when it comes to your insurance claim.

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