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Got the Yellow Dot Program?

The Yellow Dot Program helps people who need emergency services.

Do you have a medical condition your doctors need to know about? If so, you definitely want to consider how you’d handle a situation in which you couldn’t communicate to a medical professional.

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Next Up: Radar Guns That Bust Texting Behind the Wheel

New radar guns look to bust drivers for texting behind the wheel.

A company is working on creating the very first radar guns that detect which drivers are texting while driving. Will they work–and will they really help stop behind-the-wheel texters?

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ERIE Helps Spread Maria’s Message

Dom Tiberi and Erie Insurance are spreading Maria's Message.

In addition to its safe teen driving program, ERIE is also supporting the anti-distracted driving efforts of Maria’s Message.

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A World Without Auto Fatalities?

Technology is helping to reduce car crashes and auto fatalities.

Car safety technology is making the roads safer than ever. Could it someday help eliminate auto fatalities?

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Infographic: Road Rage

Road Rage Infographic

Look to the skies and you’ve probably heard of a troubling pattern: “air rage.” But down here on the ground, road rage remains an ongoing problem.

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