Car Sense

Top Cars for Teens

Parents need to know the top cars for teens.

Learn which cars experts say are safe for new teen drivers.

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(Bitter) Sweet 16 Series: No Right Way to Make a Left Turn

A left turn sign.

Learn how one mom is helping her teen daughter navigate left turns and more.

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Video: How to Prevent Auto Theft

Learn how to prevent auto theft before a thieve's hand moves in.

July and August are the two most common months for auto theft. Do you know how to protect your car?

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Uninsured Drivers Present Dangers

Uninsured drivers pose a risk to people like this young girl who had an accident with one.

Are you protected from the one in seven drivers without auto insurance?

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Learning About Rental Car Reimbursement Coverage the Hard Way

Man giving keys to another man for a rental car reimbursement.

Read one woman’s personal story about how a car accident led her to rethink her insurance coverage.

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