Car Sense

Ask ERIE: Whose Insurance Pays When Your Friend Crashes Your Car?

friend crashes your car

An insurance expert answers this tricky—and oftentimes touchy—question.

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Making Sense of Left Lane Driving

left lane driving

Many states have rules governing who should drive in the left lane. Find out what they are and what’s on the books in your state.

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Join Maria’s Message for a Distracted Driving Presentation

distracted driving presentation

Columbus newscaster and Maria’s Message founder Dom Tiberi and other special guests are offering an interactive presentation to raise awareness about distracted driving.

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Connected Car Technology Takes a Leap Forward

connected car technology

We live in a constantly connected world–and our cars are no different. Do you know which new technology to expect in your next car?

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Quiz: Were These Coverage Requests For Real?

coverage requests

Insurance underwriters decide who and what to cover. Most requests are pretty tame—but things can get crazy at times. See if we can fool you this April Fool’s Day by taking our quick true-false quiz.

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