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The Best States for Female Business Owners

best states for female business owners

Is your state tops when it comes to promoting women-owned business?

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The Wit and Wisdom of ERIE’s Founder


Whether it was about running a successful company or living a successful life, ERIE’s founder had a way with words. See which of his quotes continue to ring true today.

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A Buy-Sell Agreement Funded by Life Insurance Can Offer Your Business Important Protection

buy-sell agreement

Business owners have important considerations when it comes to protecting their businesses. A buy-sell agreement funded by life insurance is one form of coverage that can offer important protection and peace of mind.

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Top Jobs in America

top jobs in america

Learn about the 25 best jobs in America when it comes to salary, career opportunities and number of job openings.

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Six Questions to Ask an Insurance Agent

questions to ask an insurance agent

Do you know which questions to discuss with your agent when life changes?

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