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Wake Up! Don’t Drive Drowsy

don't drive drowsy

It’s no surprise that Americans are exhausted. After all, the stress of living in a 24/7, fast-paced society doesn’t exactly make it easy to be well rested. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s not uncommon for people to brag about how little sleep they get by on.

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Staying Safe Behind the Wheel

If you’re 65 or older, consider regular driving check-ups around the time of your annual physical. After all, health can affect your driving and vice versa.

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The Physical Changes of Aging

The functional declines that affect driving aren’t universal. Specific abilities vary widely among older people. Drivers who stay healthy and learn to compensate for change can drive safely longer.

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Drivers Ed: Cutting Out the Carbon

Short of not going anywhere or doing anything, there are lots of ways to shrink your personal pollution when you travel.

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What’s on Your Mind?

Highways and byways of the brain

Welcome to your new home theater. Enjoy the cushy seats, wrap-around speakers, satellite radio, docking station for your smart phone and touch-screen display. Feel free to check e-mail, program the radio, look up restaurants or watch a movie. Just please–don’t kill anybody.

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