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Why Women Need Life Insurance

ERIE Policyholder Carolyn Gasse-Bachman has given her life—and life insurance—a great deal of thought. In fact, before they were wed, Carolyn and her husband-to-be, Don, discussed life insurance quite a bit. “Since we were in our 40s when we got married, we talked openly about providing for our children,” says Carolyn, now the mother of a 10-year-old and a 14-year-old.

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Snowbird Smarts

Gerry and Jenny Zakovich love their vacation home in Pound, Wis., 200 miles from their home in South Milwaukee. They get there as often as they can during the summer, winter and in between, but sometimes the house is alone for months at a time.

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Excuses, Excuses. What’s Yours?

If you’re like most people, “get life insurance” probably hasn’t made it onto your calendar. Let’s face it, we don’t usually think about items such as life insurance until someone asks about it, or worse, someone we know experiences a life crisis that puts things in a new light.

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