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We Won’t See a Snowman in Summer, but We Will Enjoy Some Cool Temps

cool summer temps

The thought of a polar vortex in summer is getting lots of buzz as unseasonably low temperatures head toward the Midwest and Northeast, but don’t fret (or get too excited): the temperature won’t be low enough for a snowman, and you don’t need to worry about frozen pipes.

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The Pittsburgh Auto Show Celebrates Autos—and Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Auto Show

With the Pittsburgh Auto Show revving up this weekend at the David Lawrence Convention Center, car enthusiasts from western Pennsylvania and beyond will be treated to the latest models from a wide range of car manufacturers. They’ll also be able to enjoy attractions that celebrate the best of Pittsburgh and more.

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Nashville Predator Carter Hutton Makes a Seriously Good Save – NHL VideoCenter


Did you see that save? Go Carter Hutton! It may just be the save of the year.

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When Your Smartphone Shuts Down From the Cold


What happens when your smartphone is as cold as you are? It may want to hibernate. Who can blame it? Doesn’t help, much, though if you have to make a text stop.

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Don’t Panic: There Will Definitely Be Enough Chicken Wings for the Super Bowl


Why wait for Sunday? I’m going to start my chicken wing consumption tonight. As for the cheese dip, though, it looks like I still may have to wait…

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