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Facebook Debuts Safety Check Feature

You can use Facebook Safety Check during a flood.

Have you ever considered how you’d communicate with loved ones after a disaster? If not, learn more about the new Facebook Safety Check that easily lets you get the word out to your entire network.

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Infographic: The Business of Baseball

Learn fascinating facts about the business of baseball.

Players’ salaries, revenue, ticket prices: How much do you know about the business of baseball? Just in time for the World Series, learn some fascinating facts about America’s favorite pastime

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There’s Still Time to Join the Shift

A pledge from a student who decided to Join the Shift.

Attention, teens: Did you Join the Shift yet? If not, there’s still time to win great prizes and learn about the importance of safe driving the fun way.

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Lax Privacy Settings on Facebook Can Lead to Identity Theft

If you aren't careful about your privacy settings on Facebook, you could fall victim to identity theft.

Passing the time on social media is fun. But if you aren’t careful, it can be dangerous. Learn eight important tips to safeguard yourself against identity theft on Facebook and more.

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Next Up: Radar Guns That Bust Texting Behind the Wheel

New radar guns look to bust drivers for texting behind the wheel.

A company is working on creating the very first radar guns that detect which drivers are texting while driving. Will they work–and will they really help stop behind-the-wheel texters?

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