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Quiz: Were These Coverage Requests For Real?

coverage requests

Insurance underwriters decide who and what to cover. Most requests are pretty tame—but things can get crazy at times. See if we can fool you this April Fool’s Day by taking our quick true-false quiz.

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How to Protect Lawn Equipment from Theft

Learn how to protect lawn equipment from theft.

Thieves are known to target to lawn equipment like mowers and power tools. Fortunately, there are easy ways to safeguard your things.

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How to Keep Your TV From Falling Over

Learn how to keep your TV from falling over.

Did you know that falling TVs pose a major danger? That’s especially true when it comes to kids. Learn trusty tips on how to keep your TV from tipping.

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How to Insure a Home Being Constructed

It's important to think about how to insure a home being constructed.

Planning on building your dream home? If so, you have more to think about than the average homebuyer–including how to insure a home that’s under construction. Here’s how to get the right coverage.

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10 Numbers Worth Knowing on Pi Day

Learn some interesting facts related to Pi Day.

March 14 is Pi Day. As we celebrate the famed never-ending number, we decided to take a look at 10 truly irrational numbers related to insurance.

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